BRICS GRAIN Research Infrastructure Platform is designed to enhance scientific collaboration of BRICS countries as well as to enhance RI WG collaboration. The platform provides single entry point into RI Objects (RI facilities basic info and links, RI partnership and access calls, RI contacts, RI events, RI News).



Key objectives and Target Audience

  1. Single entry point for potential Research Infrastructure Users and Partners: RI objects info, access/partnership policy, contacts;
  2. Integrated source of BRICS RI people contacts, events as well as working proceedings regarding integrating, policy developing, communication initiatives, RI projects;
  3. Up to date info for BRICS ST Senior Officials regarding BRICS RI WG progress.



The functionality of platform:

For potential Users and Partners - Infrastructure Database:

  • Find infrastructure by parameters,
  • Find basic info, link to websites and key contacts;
  • Learn terms of access and support measures;
  • See Current access calls, Partnership calls;
  • See upcoming Events and News


For Working Group participants - Working group collaboration (via Login)

  • Contact list (extended participants) = People, Organizations
  • Relevant documents (eg ToR)
  • Working group session materials (WG 1, WG 2…)
  • Upcoming event registration
  • Other collaboration tools



The web site contains information about 20 BRICS infrastructures in standard template as well as access calls, partnership and challenges of mentioned RI Objects, relevant BRICS RI papers and National contact points. There is also Sub-domen for WG participants with extended info.






Dmitry Korobov


+7 (496) 216-31-34